Shared Google Workspace 30GB account for your business

You don’t have the money to buy the entire package? Buy an account on your domain. Service available only to companies. We prohibit spam and illegal content, and illegal copies of programs, software, music, movies, files and viruses. According to Google’s regulations, the account cannot be used for topics related to cryptocurrencies.

The cost of purchasing an account in the domain is one-time, you do not pay the subscription. You get 30GB of storage for each account. You can increase the capacity of your account directly in the settings after making an additional payment to Google. You will not get access to administration. Our company is responsible for administration.

Price List Lifetime Google Workspace accounts (all price include VAT):

1 – 10 accounts: €80/account lifetime
11 – 25 accounts: €70/account lifetime
26 – 50 accounts: €60/account lifetime
51 – 100 accounts: €40/account lifetime
101+ accounts: price is negotiable

How does the order process look like?

  • Go to the page: order accounts in the domain without administration.
  • Fill out the form, enter your details, private e-mail address and company ID.
  • Select an account package, enter the number of accounts, enter the account names, enter the security password.
  • Make payment via PayPal or Stripe or BTC.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive the necessary records to add to your domain’s DNS zone (MX, MAIL, SPF, DMARC).
  • When you add records, reply to our message. Google verifies records in most cases immediately, but it may take up to 3 days.
  • After correct verification of the records, you will also receive a DKIM record that you need to add to the DNS zone and an XLS file protected by your security password.